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This page provides scholarship information for developing countries students who are in need of scholarship to study at home and abroad. A scholarship programme is often created to reward students who have worked hard in their career path. Every year prospective students from developing countries dream of studying at home and overseas for shaping their career perfectly. These scholarships in different fields provide motivation to students residing in developing countries for pursuing their education further, so that financial inadequacy does not become a reason for discontinuing their education.
Lots of international universities, governments and other organization offer scholarships for developing countries students who show exceptional academic potential and would like to start their studies in any field at home and abroad.
We have compiled a scholarships list for developing countries students in which some scholarship are fully funded and some scholarships are partially funded. These scholarships are offered to undergraduate, graduate, masters and doctoral, Postdoctoral programme for developing countries students.

Commonwealth Shared Scholarship Scheme for Commonwealth Developing Countries, 2012 UK
Department for International Development (DFID) funded master’s Scholarships for Developing Commonwealth Country Citizens at UK Universities 2012/13
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 May annually
2012 Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship at University of Nottingham, UK
Masters Scholarship for Developing Countries Students at University of Nottingham, UK
Scholarship Application Deadline: annually
2012 One World Scholarship Program for Applicants from Developing Countries at Austrian Universities, Austria
Government of Styria, the City of Graz, church and private funds funded Scholarship for Bachelors, Master’s and Doctoral Students from Developing Countries at Austrian Universities, Austria 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: Students can apply for the scholarships by using the application form between the middle of March till the end of May each year
2012 HEC-EGIDE/ Eiffel MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries, France
French Ministry of Foreign Affairs announce  MBA Scholarships for Developing Countries Students, France
Scholarship Application Deadline: End of November each year (after enrollment confirmation)
2012-2013 Aga Khan International Scholarship for Postgraduate Students from Developing Countries
Aga Khan Foundation funded International Scholarship for Master’s and PhD Students from Developing Countries to study at Abroad
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 31 annually
2012 Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for International Students, University of Ilorin, Nigeria
University of Ilorin offers Postdoctoral Research Fellowship for foreign nationals Applicants in the field of Applied Sciences (Engineering and Technology, Medicine, Agriculture); Science (Science, Communication and Information Sciences, Physiology and Anatomy) and Humanities (Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Education and Law), Nigeria
Scholarship Application Deadline: Before of 15th September annually
2012 Scholarship for International Students at University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Undergraduate and Masters Scholarship program for national and international students to study at University of Ilorin, Nigeria
Scholarship Application Deadline: Before of 27th September annually
2012 Doctoral Scholarships for Candidates from Developing Countries at University of Ghent, Belgium
University of Ghent funded  Scholarships for PhD Students from Developing Countries, who wish to carry out half of their PhD research at Ghent University and half in a university in a developing country.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 8 March 2012
2012 Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarships for Postgraduate Students, UK
The International Office is delighted to announce 2 Newcastle University Nigeria Scholarship (NU Nigeria Scholarship) awards for postgraduate taught degree or research programmes within the Faculties of Humanities Arts and Social Sciences (HASS), Science, Agriculture and Engineering (SAgE), and Medical Sciences (FMS) commencing their studies in September 2012.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30th June annually
2012-2013 OFID Scholarship for Applicants from Developing Countries
OFID (The OPEC Fund for International Development)  Scholarship will be awarded to support two students or candidates for Master’s degree studies. The applicant may be from any developing country, and he/she must first obtain admission to pursue a Master’s (graduate) degree in any recognized university/college in the world.
Scholarship Application Deadline: May 28, 2012
University of Edinburgh Southern African Scholarships at University of Edinburgh, UK 2012
University of Edinburgh offers Postgraduate  Scholarships to study Any subject offered by the University to students from Southern African countries.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 April annually
2012 TWAS-CAS Postdoctoral Fellowship for Developing Countries Applicants, China
TWAS-CAS Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme For young scientists from developing countries (other than China) who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in China though the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Beijing, China.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 August annually
TWAS-CONACYT Postdoctoral Fellowship Programme for developing countries, Mexico
The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT), Mexico City, Mexico, and TWAS offer fellowships for scientists from developing countries (other than Mexico) who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences who wish to pursue postdoctoral research in the natural sciences
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 June every year
TWAS-CONACYT Postgraduate Fellowship in Natural Sciences, Mexico
The National Council for Science and Technology (CONACyT), Mexico, and TWAS offer fellowships for scientists from developing countries (other than Mexico) in natural sciences who wish to obtain a PhD in the natural sciences
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30 June every year
The Julius Nyerere Master’s Scholarships for Tanzanian Students at University of Edinburgh, UK
The University of Edinburgh will offer three scholarships to students from Tanzania for postgraduate Master’s study in any subject offered by the University for the 2012-2013 academic session.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 2 April annually
Ghana High Commission Scholarship 2012, Coventry University, UK
Ghana High Commission Scholarship 2012 for Masters Courses in the field of Oil and Gas Management by Ghana High Commissioner for the UK and the Ghana Telecom University College (GTUC) Coventry University
Scholarship Application Deadline: 14 March 2012 for GTUC courses and London campus and 31 July 2012 for Coventry campus
2012 Scholarships for University Graduates Coming from European Neighbourhood Policy Countries, Europe
The EU (European Commission/DG Education and Culture) offers a large number of scholarships to university graduates coming from European Neighbourhood Policy countries for post-graduate studies at the College of Europe (Bruges or Natolin (Warsaw) campus) during the academic year 2012-2013. The countries concerned are: Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Egypt, Georgia, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Libya, Moldova, Morocco, the Palestinian Authority, Syria, Tunisia and Ukraine.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 15 March 2012
2012-2013 Norwegian Government Quota Scheme for Students from Developing Countries, Norway
Norwegian Government funded Quota Scheme Scholarship for Master’s , PhD Professional, Bachelor’s degrees Students from Developing Countries at Universities in Norway 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: The deadline for applications for the Quota Scheme is usually December 1st every year
2nd Joint Call Research Proposal in Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development, 2012
ESRC, NWO-WOTRO and RCN, Hewlett funded Research proposal in the field of Population, Reproductive Health and Economic Development for the applicants of developing countries at least developed countries, 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: March 15 2012
Policy Communication Doctoral Fellowship Program, 2012-2013
U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)funded PhD Fellowship Program in the field of Policy Communication for students enrolled in academic institutions in the United States, Canada, and other selected countries
Scholarship Application Deadline: Feb. 2, 2012
Tibet Scholarship at Central European University, 2012 Hungary
Central European University is pleased to announce a scholarship for Tibetan students to study toward any MA or MS degree at CEU.
Scholarship Application Deadline: By January 25, 2012
The Daniel Turnberg UK/Middle East Travel Fellowship Scheme, 2012
Daniel Turnberg Memorial Fund, Royal College of Physicians, London, Wellcome Trust and Wolfson Family Charitable Trust funded Travel Fellowship for Medical researchers and bio scientists in the field of biomedical
Scholarship Application Deadline: 27 January 2012
OeAD Anniversary Grant in Social Sciences, Humanities and Cultural Studies, Austria 2012/13
The OeAD anniversary grant supports non-European researchers in selected countries in the field of social sciences, humanities and cultural studies at OeAD, Austria 2012/13
Scholarship Application Deadline: 1. 3. 2012
Call for Applications: Supplementary Grant Program Asia for Burmese Students
The Supplementary Grant Program Asia provides supplemental financial assistance to Burmese students to study at accredited university degree programs (Bachelors, Masters, PhD) outside of Burma (Myanmar) in the field of Humanities and social sciences
Scholarship Application Deadline: -Students studying in Asia (except India) and Australia: March 15, 2012
-Students studying in Europe and North America: May 15, 2012
Open Society Doctoral Fellowship Program for Georgia or Kyrgyzstan Students 2012
Open Society Foundations funded Doctoral Fellowship Program in Social Sciences and Humanities for Georgia or Kyrgyzstan students to study in Abroad and at home 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 23, 2012
Open Society Foundations/University of York Scholarships, UK 2012
Master’s Scholarships in Arts for Afghanistan Students to study in UK funded by Open Society Foundations/ University of York
Scholarship Application Deadline: February 20, 2012
Intermediate Fellowships in Public Health and Tropical Medicine, UK 2012-2013
Wellcome Trust funded Research Fellowship in Public Health and Tropical Medicine for Low and Middle Income Country Applicants to study in UK
Scholarship Application Deadline: 5 March 2012, 28 May 2012
2012-2013 Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant for African Students, Africa
Africa Initiative Graduate Research Grant for Master’s or PhD Student in the field of Conflict Resolution, Energy, Food Security, Health, Migration, and Climate Change to study at African universities 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 15, 2012
Loughborough University Graduate Scholarships for African Students in UK
Loughborough University Graduate School Development Trust funded Scholarships for African Students for Postgraduate Degree Courses Education who are currently domiciled (permanently living) in Africa.
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30th April annually
University of Cambridge Conservation Leadership Scholarships for Developing Countries 2012, UK
Miriam Rothschild Scholarship Programme in Conservation Leadership to support students from less developed and developing countries that are rich in biodiversity, to attend the MPhil in Conservation Leadership at University of Cambridge, UK
Scholarship Application Deadline: 30th March 2012
Graduate Global Leadership Fellowship for Developing Countries Students at UBC, Canada
The University of British Columbia funded Graduate Global Leadership Fellowships enable promising leaders from developing countries to pursue doctoral studies at UBC.
Scholarship Application Deadline: January 27 annually
IDB-Oxford Clarendon Scholarships at University of Oxford, 2012 UK
Islamic Development Bank and the University of Oxford funded The combined IDB-Oxford Clarendon Scholarship for Graduate Students in the field of MPLS, Medical Sciences and Social Sciences at University of Oxford, 2012 UK
Scholarship Application Deadline: 6 January each year for Medical Sciences and Philosophy; 20 January each year for all other subjects
2012 The Norman E. Borlaug Leadership Enhancement in Agriculture Program, USA
United States Agency for International Development (USAID) funded the Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science and Technology Fellowship for Graduates from Developing Countries in the field of Agriculture and related fields, USA 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: February 3, 2012
Merit Scholarship Programme for High Technology, IDB Member Countries
Islamic development bank funded PhD and Postdoctoral Scholarship in the field of science and technology at IDB member countries
Scholarship Application Deadline: 31 December annually
2012 UNESCO/ Poland Co-Sponsored Fellowships Programme, Poland
Research Fellowships Programme in Ecohydrology for Developing Countries students sponsored by United Nation Educational Scientific And Cultural Organization, Poland 2012
Scholarship Application Deadline: 28 February annually receives many enquirers from developing countries students who are looking for scholarships for completing their education at home and abroad.
Our International Student Advisers at work very hard to find best scholarship and providing information regarding these scholarships to developing countries Students. We are committed to offer quality services. Through these scholarships we are aiming to help developing countries students in brightening their career path.
I hope you’ll find this scholarship list useful.



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