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Instructional Design Specialist~Tanzania

Instructional Design Specialist
Tanzania 21st Century Education Project, Tanzania

The International Youth Foundation as part of USAID’s Tanzania 21st Century Education Project awarded the International Youth Foundation (IYF) funding to create Curriculum e-content units comprising of videos and interactive modules with the main goal of improving the quality of primary school education in both Zanzibar and Mtwara project areas.

Towards this end, IYF will create a variety of innovative e-curriculum/digital tools that will be designed specifically to meet the respective curriculum needs, performance gaps, pedagogical framework and local context of both areas. The e-curriculum programs will address topics in Kiswahili reading across Standards 1, 2, 3 and 4. The process will be conducted in close consultation with Creative Associates, the respective government school systems, other implementing partners as well as local teachers and students.

All of the e-curriculum (including interactive modules and digital videos) will be designed as part of a cohesive conceptual approach. This approach will align with and reinforce TZ21’s broader pedagogical framework that emphasizes child-centered, activity-based learning in schools and capacity building of teachers. Its design for engaging students and teachers will draw on subject-specific pedagogical knowledge.

Job Summary
IYF is seeking an experienced Instructional Design Specialist to support our staff based in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. IYF is dedicated to supporting teachers, staff and students on the use of educational technologies to enrich teaching and learning experiences. The Instructional Design Specialist’s role will be to work in partnership with the Program Director, e-Curriculum Specialist and other TZ21 staff to create and edit new video storyboards as part of the curriculum supporting the TZ21 program in Mtwara and Zanzibar schools.
Job Responsibilities/Specific Duties
• Research and develop Outlines and Storyboards for e-Content that are based on e-Objectives and following the Master Plan format. Storyboards should include concrete descriptions of content visuals, script narratives that include interaction amongst video characters towards the learning objective, identification of where sound and music are used in video and assessments at regular intervals to test students throughout the storyboard.
• Research and design teacher training materials that conform to MoEVT requirements and guide teachers in the use of e-Content.
• Assist in liaising with Ministry of Education officials, primarily at the national office and in Mtwara, for the purpose of building consensus for various components in the e-Content development process.
• Provide oversight to e-Content producers, monitoring workflow and deliverable deadlines.
• Assist in developing e-Content students assessment questions and coordinate with EMIS provider to identify integration requirements for Mobile Lab.
• Lead development of lesson plans for e-Content unit, working with other e-Content staff in the design and material development.
• Coordinate and monitor translations of e-Content storyboards and lesson plans.

SUPERVISOR: Program Director, e-Curriculum Specialist
Required Experience & Qualifications:
• Background in primary school education
• Teacher training experience, preference for master trainer of primary school teachers
• Existing relationship with MoEVT
• Preference for familiarity with primary school curriculum; child-centered, active learning
• ICT experience, in particular e-content experience
• Ability to think creatively and think visually
• Great team player
• Good English reading and writing skills, strong Kiswahili writing skills

LOCATION: Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

Application Instructions
 Please email CV and cover letter by e-mail to jobs@iyfnet.org with “Instructional Design Specialist” in the subject line. Please note only finalists will be contacted. No phone calls please. International Youth Foundation is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

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