Friday, 5 October 2012

Ways to curb down stress

Stress is inevitable to today’s lifestyle. Whether it is
professional work or preparing for an exam or any other work wherein
your skills have to come into existence and play a major role- stress
there is. One cannot have zero stress levels. Such a thing is
potentially hazardous too. Scientists and Doctors say that certain
amount of stress is necessary for the smooth functioning of
physiological processes– Normal functioning, rather.

Stress is an extreme state of worry or anxiety which would eventually
rope a person into depression. The reasons for stress could be many- an
overworked condition, competitive lifestyle, rat race, responsibilities,
targets, business goals and objectives, examination tension, interview
and HR procedures stress– and so the list is potentially unending.
Because stress is potentially something that cannot be done away with,
we need to learn ways and methods of tackling it. Believe me or not,
stress when channelized and dealt with properly, helps too!

*Dealing with stress:*

Here are some easy reckoners that will help you to eliminate stress to a
certain extent:

 1. Ask yourself this primary question: Why am I experiencing stress
    now? I am sure you must have gotten the answer. If you know the
    answer then start dealing with the possible solutions the problem
    has. Divide the bigger problem into smaller manageable chunks. Once
    you start doing this you will become less stressful and more objective.
 2. If you feel stressed because of a person’s attitude then you alone
    are to be blamed. Maintain a distance from such a person. Do not get
    into unproductive arguments with him/her. You can remain silent
    smilingly. This will offer you some great relief.
 3. If you feel worked out take a chill pill. Unwind for a while before
    you get onto the task once again. You can relax for a while, listen
    to some good, lilting music or even have a head massage done. You
    will feel refreshed like never before.
 4. Have your own stress management file. In that note down the reasons
    that made you stressful and the way you dealt with it in order to
    bring in productive/constructive results. This will make you feel

*What adds to stress? *

There are certain activities that we carry out unknowingly and mind you
these are some potential generators of stress. The activities that fall
under the aforementioned category are:

 1. Over-eating
 2. Over-sleeping
 3. Drunken condition
 4. Procrastination
 5. Reticent behavior
 6. Blaming others constantly

*What stress does? The negative effects of stress:*

Stress releases toxins into the blood flow which have a negative effect
over the physiological processes and functioning of the body. Stress
could be one potential reason for the following disorders:

 1. Alopecia, dandruff, premature graying of hair
 2. Obesity
 3. Pigmentation of skin, pimples, acne etc

Critical diseases like Hypertension, diabetes could also be attributed
to lifestyle generating stress related disorders.

A moment’s relaxation from a hectic life is all that we need. Just close
your eyes for a while and concentrate on your breathe for say 5 minutes.
Inhale and exhale imagining that you are draining away from your body
all the unnecessary negative thoughts and worthless tensions. Imagine
that these things are trickling out of your fingers. Take a deep breathe
once more and open your eyes. Do it anytime you want it- that instant
relaxation- just before an examination, an interview, a presentation, a
seminar or just whatever. Feel the new refreshed “you” all the time
whenever you want it!

Concentrate on the kind of food you eat. Keep oily and junk stuff at
bay. Believe in greens and salads. A regular exercise regimen helps deal
with stress too, amazingly at that.

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