Friday, 5 October 2012

Are you Employed or Self-Employed? Read this Article on Work Ethics

Can you define work ethic? If you are a business owner then
how much priority do you give to work ethic? Do you think work ethic
contributes towards business success or just another word?
In layman’s term, work ethics can be best described as personal values
of a business owner/entrepreneur that are also followed by employees of
the company. Completing tasks on time, not duping clients or customers
with false promises, offering quality products and services, not using
illegal means to push competitors out of market etc. could be counted as
work ethics.
Here Are Some Reasons Having Good Work Ethics Can Work In Your
Business’s Favor:

*Creates Goodwill among Customers and Clients*- Following good work
ethics helps businesses build a positive image of themselves in the
market, among clients and customers. When existing clients and customers
are happy with the products/services then they certainly will be talking
about your business. This will be a free advertisement for your business
and will create new client and customer base. More people will be
willing to associate with a business that does not compromise on work
*Helps in Generating Constant Profits *- Following good work ethics
might not allow you to taste success overnight in your business venture.
However, rest assured that you will be respected in your business and
good reputation of your business will attract quality clients. Your
profits will be constant and you will be making steady progress towards
your goal. If you will stay true to your code of conduct then you will
also see rise in profits as well.
*Honest Workforce*- It won’t be wrong to imply, most employee will
follow whatever code of conduct their employer follows. If you will tell
them to do whatever it will take to complete the job then there are
chances they will indulge in unfair work practices to get things done.
However, if employees are working for someone, who follows work ethics
properly, then employees will do the same.
*Taste Long Term Success- *Not following work ethics properly or serious
could work fine for your business venture and you might even manage to
get lots of clients. However, as the time will pass, customers and
clients both will find out about your work ethics and practices and
would decide to leave you for some other company.
*Helps in Gaining Trust of Shareholders and Investors- *When
shareholders and investors know that the business follows work ethics
then they feel safer with the business. As no one wants to get into any
kind of trouble due to someone else’s unethical trade practices.

Remember the famous saying ‘what goes around comes back around’ and
it’s not really possible to keep fooling same people again and again.
Only your impeccable reputation and hard work will make your business
stay in customer and clients good books.

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