Thursday, 19 April 2012


SCHOLARSHIP AND JOBS is a blog developed and managed by Individual Blogger, Nicko Mhapa. The blog was launched in 20th June, 2011 targeting all students in higher learning institutions, graduates, high schools and other educated workers where it meant to supply them with important updates on scholarship positions and job vacancies and other information (News through photo). 


SCHOLARSHIP AND JOBS is a network that was created intentionally to provide information on chances of scholarships and job vacancies. SCHOLARSHIP AND JOBS blog aims at disseminating information on various opportunities available for graduates on scholarship and jobs; the blog is also enriched with social, economical and political issues by learning through past and present events occurring in the education institutions and the community at large.
From 1st January 2013 the blog was handed over to Super Link Solutions. A social media marketing agency for all advertising and promotion inquiries.
If you have a job vacancy or scholarship post it direct via the top banner of this blog. For advertising on this blog contact Super Link Solutions @,,  +255 755 903 669, 0655 903 669

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